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Homeopathic doctor with 40 years’ experience and skill in General practice.

I have retired from NHS practice and resigned my GMC membership.

I incorporated homeopathic therapeutics in general practice and have had worked privately as well. I have an extensive knowledge physical, psychological and emotional conditions, and which investigations to suggest if necessary. I passed the Faculty of Homeopathy exams in 1987 and was a member of the Faculty until my retirement from General Practice.

I see patients in the privacy of my home, to take a thorough history of the condition together with it’s psychological effects. A constitutional prescription is issued using the “Sensation method” to gently rebalance the patient into improved health.

First consultation is an hour and consequent appointments after a month for 30 minutes. I am able to conduct telephone consultations after initial appointment.

Qualifications BA Cambridge University 1st class degree 1976 (MA 1980)

MBBS. King’s College London 1979

MRCGP. 1984

MFHom. 1987

Consultation notes are not held on line and comply with GPDR.

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